Addressing the Clickfunnels phenomenon

Clayton Tucker
February 7, 2023

Every business owner has probably seen clickfunnels in their feed in the recent months, but why has this platform and strategy to drive traffic and conversion become so popular? Is it a fad, or the new structure of the internet? Should you consider having a funnel in addition to your small business website? Do funnels work for local businesses? These are all questions I’m sure you’ve had go through your head when scrolling social media. 

Some common misconceptions:  

Clickfunnels are just like any other website. The strategy of a “funnel” is the main difference. Ideally your website is already functioning as a bit of a funnel for data collection on interested users that visit your site, but its main purpose is to answer questions for your customer base, and display your brand in a smart way.  Funnels on the other hand are more basic and serve primarily to drive clicks and generate leads.  They work in tandem with your website and generate leads based on interest.   

Search engine optimization generates leads on my website so I don’t need a funnel.  You should have a solid SEO strategy and traffic generating assets even for your current website. If you don’t have SEO set up, you’re missing out on a ton of your website’s potential. We have the tools and the knowledge to build a working SEO strategy into your website or implement the funnel strategy to your existing site. From there, you can elect to take search engine optimization that next step further, and create a funnel page system.  This will take into account relevant search terms and drive traffic to a funnel page displaying your best offer.  This funnel system compiles a range of prospective clients into a group of leads, so you can market more accurately and effectively.

ClickFunnels are a “set it and leave it” strategy. The other main problem for clickfunnels is their advertised price is often not what it takes to get your funnel up and running as the price that is shown is for you to do it yourself. While you might find it attractive to obtain a stream of customers through ClickFunnels, most businesses don’t have the time or technical knowledge to learn how to use a platform let alone build out their entire funnel and content strategy. Though ClickFunnels offer a done for you service, you might find that it can be done more cost effectively with more potential for relevant customization through someone like us! 

Contact us to learn more or get your funnel started using WordPress and Premium Hosting.

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