Email marketing

Drip Campaigns

Everyone business uses email, especially in the local market! Your email is a great tool for marketing success; email marketing creates opportunities for clients to learn more about your business. Dripping information to each lead is a great way to pre-qualify before they even get on the call.

Interaction with your email marketing and rip campaigns is like gold to your small business. Each interaction tells us about what customers like, what customers what and most importantly what customers need. Effective email marketing campaigns take into account every interaction of an email.

There is only step to learn about email marketing and how it can help you: Book a call. Be prepared to learn more about your customers and to convert more leads.

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Why choose TuckerCM Digital for your Email Marketing?

Most agencies have the tools to do email marketing but we all know that a tool is nothing without knowledge of how to properly use it. We have taken time to do the research on what works for small and local businesses that want to compete locally instead of nationally! 

We also can either give you, or implement strategies to help your business more conversions as well as more subscribers! We can say this confidently as most businesses in a local environment are not taking advantage of the low amount of competition in the email marketing space, especially at a local level.