quality content and visuals

Quality Content and Visuals

Something that gets lost in all the noise when discussing websites or traffic is the quality of your visuals. Quality custom visuals on your website are proven to increase user engagement and build initial trust. Engaged users are more likely to become customers or clients. Your website or landing page is your first impression.

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search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

SEO for short, is really just telling Google what you want people to find you or your business for on the internet. In the simplest terms, it’s how Google and other search providers efficiently determine the information on your site and determine if they should serve you to a user when they search for services, advice, or solutions to a problem.

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addressing the clickfunnels phenomenon

Addressing the Clickfunnels phenomenon

Every business owner has probably seen clickfunnels in their feed in the recent months, but why has this platform and strategy to drive traffic and conversion become so popular? Is it a fad, or the new structure of the internet?

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websites vs. sales funnels

Websites Vs. Sales Funnels

You might not have heard the term “funnel” in reference to the web, but odds are, you’ve interacted with a fair few of them in your daily browsing. The main differences are primary goals and structure. A funnel can be built on any website platform because the idea of a funnel is merely just a more basic version

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the importance of backlinks

The importance of backlinks

A backlink is any link from other websites back to your own (sometimes called “inbound links”). If you offer original content sometimes people will want to share that content to their own platform or website. You can think of this like they are referring people back to you.

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