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social media:  free access to your target market

Social Media:  Free Access to Your Target Market

Social media has quickly become the primary way a large portion of the population takes in information.  Because of the sheer amount of traffic these platforms bring in, it’s incredibly important to have a healthy presence on at least one or two social media...

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how a clean, modern website design benefits your business

How a Clean, Modern Website Design Benefits your business

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time surfing the internet, you’ve come across a clean modern design.  Maybe you can’t put your finger on it, but the webpage just puts you at ease and the design is just screaming modern.  How can someone accomplish this just through...

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hero sections — make the best first impression online

Hero sections — Make the Best First Impression Online

Your "hero section" is the first thing people are going to see when they load up your website.  This section is defined as the top portion of the homepage where everyone is automatically directed when they arrive on your site.  It includes menus, graphics like photos...

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your website — a hub for the rest of your web presence

Your Website — A Hub for the Rest of your Web Presence

Today’s marketing is almost entirely centered around your online presence.  If you’re lacking in your online presence, odds are you’re missing out on potential sales.  Some ways you can get your business’ name out there are to have:  a functional and accurate Google...

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quality content and visuals

Quality Content and Visuals

Something that gets lost in all the noise when discussing websites or traffic is the quality of your visuals. Quality custom visuals on your website are proven to increase user engagement and build initial trust. Engaged users are more likely to become customers or clients. Your website or landing page is your first impression.

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search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

SEO for short, is really just telling Google what you want people to find you or your business for on the internet. In the simplest terms, it’s how Google and other search providers efficiently determine the information on your site and determine if they should serve you to a user when they search for services, advice, or solutions to a problem.

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