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June 15, 2023
Website Value Series

Today’s marketing is almost entirely centered around your online presence.  If you’re lacking in your online presence, odds are you’re missing out on potential sales.  Some ways you can get your business’ name out there are to have:  a functional and accurate Google Business Page, a strong social media presence, and a clean and working website.


Google Business Page Google is where everyone finds everything in today’s world.  If you don’t have a Google Business Profile, you miss out on showing clients credibility right away.  When a customer sees you have information on your Google Business Profile, it puts them at ease, and directs them to the information they’re looking for.  Your business profile can have basic information on it like phone numbers, email, website links, and location.  If you want to dig even deeper, you can include photos and videos to entice potential customers.


Social Media Your social media is the place to offer loyal fans opportunities to engage with your brand.  By fostering an active and loyal audience, you create a free avenue for marketing to people that like your brand.  Social media can also be a great place to run advertisements as the targeting of ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be very accurate and effective.


Websites Your website is your canvas to paint a picture of what you’d like your business to look like to your customer base.  Here you can go all in on your brand and show off the things your business does best.  Showing offers and information on your website poses the advantage of being able to frame your content in whatever way you’d like.  Things like your Google Business Profile and social media are great to get your name out there, but you’re most likely to seal the deal on your website.  Another advantage of websites is the ability to present calls to action in order to acquire prospective customer information. 

All these aspects of marketing your website work great on their own, but optimal performance is achieved when all of them are centered around the beating heart of your website, pumping traffic in and out from your webpage.  Your social media and website work together in that social media shows your brand to new people, and your website cements them as fans of your business.  Your Google Business Profile connects to your website directly through linking, and also adds functionality to your website like links to reviews and maps.  Tucker CM Digital seamlessly connects all these channels of traffic to deliver you with the best lead generation in your market and bolster your online presence.

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Article By: Steven Hoffelt

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