Quality Content and Visuals

Clayton Tucker
February 7, 2023

Something that gets lost in all the noise when discussing websites or traffic is the quality of your visuals. Quality custom visuals on your website are proven to increase user engagement and build initial trust. Engaged users are more likely to become customers or clients. Your website or landing page is your first impression. In business first impressions are everything. Make sure your business is being properly represented by the content and graphics on your site. If you do not have video on your site please consider adding some or contacting us to get at least one video made for you. It greatly increases user information retention and is a great way for people to learn about your business or organizations. One metric that Google looks at is bounce rate. Bounce rate tells you if a user is leaving your page immediately after getting to it or staying and consuming the content on that page. If you have an engaging video, the chance someone leaves your website immediately goes down drastically. It’s important because it tells us what pages and content need improvement. You have 3 seconds to get someone’s attention on the web. Use it wisely!

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