Search engine optimization

Tucker CM Digital

February 7, 2023

SEO for short, is really just telling Google what you want people to find you or your business for on the internet. In the simplest terms, it’s how Google and other search providers efficiently determine the information on your site and determine if they should serve you to a user when they search for services, advice, or solutions to a problem. If you are a home builder, you’d want to show up for someone who is looking for a home builder? It sounds simple but competition is strong even in local markets. In the world of SEO we need to be very specific in determining the keywords or searches we are going to try to compete for. The first step is determining “low hanging fruit” or keywords that are relevant to your business with high monthly traffic but as low of competition rating as we can find. We use a tool to get this data and then present it to you! Then we make sure the content on each page and post matches their keyword. 

How we structure our content is also very important having architecture that is consistent with what Google is looking for in relation to what was searched. Want to get more out of your website and learn how a good SEO strategy can help your business generate more leads and connect with more potential customers?

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