Search Engine Optimization — Super Important, Often Overlooked

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July 6, 2023
Website Value Series
search engine optimization

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might come across as intimidating or foreign to a lot of business owners.  This doesn’t mean it’s not an imperative pillar to your business’s marketing and online presence.  SEO is a process of outfitting your website with content pertaining to the keywords you want to target with your website. 

The better your content matches with the search terms of your prospective customers, the higher the chances you’ll show up first in search results, and the higher the chances of converting that prospective customer into a real one. 

Some simple things we do to boost your SEO score are:  writing relevant copy with search terms woven in, filling your website with photos and videos labeled with your search terms, and creating web descriptions for each page that align with the parameters Google sets.  If any one of these is missing from your website, your SEO score suffers, and you fall down the search results.

Tucker CM Digital focuses on the local SEO space for the most part because it’s the most economically feasible for local business owners.  Locally optimized SEO gives you the best chance in the most relevant market space.  Realistically, if you’re offering a service in Wisconsin, it doesn’t matter too much to you if you show up in search results anywhere outside Wisconsin.  We make sure your local SEO is as good as it can be, so you’re reaching customers that are relevant to you, and not wasting your money pushing your website to people that you won’t convert to customers. 

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