Top Reasons your small business should have a blog in 2023

Tucker CM Digital

February 7, 2023

Most business owners think that spending time writing a blog would be a waste of time. In reality it is one of the most important things you can do to drive more traffic and get more out of your website in 2023. Having an active website blog for your business is not about building a following of dedicated readers (though if you’re a good writer this might happen anyway). It is really about building more links for your website that cover more relevant keywords to help drive organic traffic growth. When we write a blog post it gives us the opportunity to add more keywords to the content of our site and cover more potential searches from potential customers. 

  • Offering great information about your specialty to readers is a great way to provide value without having to take the time to provide a service. (it helps build trust and relationships). 
  • Helps you take advantage of SEO strategies and software to help your website produce value for your business. 
  • Show up in more places on Google and the rest of the internet. 
  • Increases website interaction with your users. (More interaction = More potential customers)
  • Great for promoting other aspects of your business or being more intentional or specific to find your dream clients or customers. 

Can’t decide what to write about? That is okay, contact us to learn about what you should be writing about specific to your business. Furthermore if you know you need a blog but do not have the time or want to build it yourself. Contact us for a done for you SEO content blogging service that utilizes proven technology to help build your digital presence organically bringing more potential customers to your doorstep!

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