5 ways a Website Adds Value To Your Local Business

Tucker CM Digital

June 14, 2023
Website Value Series

In the busy marketing space of 2023, it’s very easy for your voice to get lost, even if you’re employing strategies that might have worked for you in the not so distant past.  There are many ways having a website can work to your advantage and bolster the power of your current marketing, but today, we’ll just focus on an important five.


The Hub Your website works as a hub for all the other online infrastructure you create to market your business.  Ideally, you’ll have a Google Business Profile, a business Facebook Page, and depending on the target audience of your business, other forms of social media.  All these components can work well on their own, but without a website, you have no way to direct potential customers traffic to convert them into actual customers.  Instead of thinking of your web presence as a bunch of independent efforts to entice customers, think of them all as a symbiotic group, working together to direct customers to you.


Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization or SEO is a way you can make your website more relevant to searches in your local area.  Say you own a lawn mowing business and someone near you searches “Lawn Mowing Service near me” , you’d want to show up first in the listing of results to have the best chance of converting that potential customer.  When you search something on Google, the search engine takes your search terms and puts them up against the SEO for the sites in your area.  This means the businesses with optimal SEO on their website gain an inherent advantage over those without.


A Clean Modern Design The design of your website has become one of the biggest ways to display your brand in the digital age.  If your website is still stuck in 2010, or worse yet, you don’t have one, you may be turning away a client base you didn’t even know you could tap into.  A clean design on your website and marketing materials shows your clients legitimacy and builds trust.  At TuckerCM Digital, we utilize modern design rules while pushing the boundary in some ways to deliver you with a design that not only portrays a clean look, but stands out from the competition.  


How your website and social media work hand in hand Social media has become a more powerful marketing presence than we could have ever anticipated.  The personalization of ad targeting allows for businesses to reach their audience like never before.  Social media also allows you to foster a loyal audience for your business and refer that loyal audience to offers and information. So how does your website work in tandem with this wonderful tool?  Social media and your website actually have a great symbiotic relationship in that people that visit your website will be referred to your social media in some way, and the people that are on your social media will be referred to your website.  This creates a loop of traffic and gives you the best chance of reeling in that elusive prospective customer.


The difference between Tucker CM Digital and other local website options You may have seen advertisements for do-it-yourself website hosting on television or online ads and thought to yourself, if I can do it myself, why not?  While keeping your website’s design in house can seem like an attractive option, there are a few drawbacks to this strategy.  

DIY website options like GoDaddy, Wix, and Squarespace offer template based web building.  This means your website is going to look like someone else’s, even if you cover it in your own content.  They offer support, but lack a local presence, so you may be waiting quite some time for an answer to your question.  They don’t offer an all in one web presence service, so you’ll be left alone to navigate your social media and graphic design, both of which are very important pillars to your marketing presence.  Tucker CM Digital is a one stop shop for all your digital presence needs, we’ll design or clean up your logos, create a unique design, and integrate all the functionality into your website, without any need for you to touch a developer console.

Article By: Steven Hoffelt

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