Websites Vs. Sales Funnels

Tucker CM Digital

February 7, 2023

You might not have heard the term “funnel” in reference to the web, but odds are, you’ve interacted with a fair few of them in your daily browsing. The main differences are primary goals and structure. A funnel can be built on any website platform because the idea of a funnel is merely just a more basic version of a website. Funnels have different goals, instead of presenting your business and the info around it you are making an offer. The goal is to get as many users as possible interested in your offer! In general, in creating a website we mainly focus on presenting information and answering questions as well as giving the users plenty of options to interact with the business. Funnels offer far less information and aim to display an offer and entice the user into clicking through, and thereby generating high quality leads. The real magic of a sales or marketing funnel comes after a potential customer or lead gives their information. Once a party shows interest we move them through an email sales process and provide them with some information or value in exchange for their interest and information. 

The real question is do you have a website or a sales/marketing funnel? If you’ve got a website, why not employ some of the strong aspects of a funnel to your home page? Showcasing your most enticing offer on a landing page before a user gets to your main site is really the same thing as a funnel! Creating content and having traffic generating assets is really the determining factor for your funnel or website. 

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